Columbus, Ohio Child Support Attorney

When a couple gets a divorce, or a child is born to unwed parents, the income that supported one household must now stretch to support two. Although finances are now stretched, Ohio law requires parents to provide financially for the care and support of their child. To that end, the Court will determine and order appropriate child support in the best interests of the child. The individual ordered to pay child support is called the “obligor” and the recipient is called the “oblige”.

Generally, the amount of child support is premised upon the combined gross income of the parties, along with daycare and health insurance costs for the child. It is important to have the advice of a well-qualified attorney during legal proceedings and negotiations to ensure that the child support ordered is correct and encompasses all of the expenses of raising a child.

As of July 2008, Ohio law requires child support to also include the cost of medical care (“cash medical support”) for the child should neither party have available private health insurance. The amount of the “cash medical support” is dependent upon the income of the parties and federal guidelines, and is in addition to the base monthly child support obligation when no private health insurance is available.

Remember, cash medical support is only an issue when neither party is providing private health insurance for the child. It is important when addressing child support maters to understand the impact of this additional cost should private medical insurance not be available through an employer or individual policy.