Columbus, Ohio Marriage Dissolution Attorney

Columbus, Ohio Dissolution of Marriage

Resolving marital differences by “dissolution of marriage” provides you control over the terms and conditions of ending your marriage.  A “Dissolution” allows you and your spouse to craft the terms and conditions of ending your marriage, including property division, debt allocation and custody and parenting arrangements.  Because of this control, Dissolutions are often the most cost effective and timely ways of ending an Ohio marriage.

At Winkler  Legal Services, LLC we provide you personalized “Dissolution” services tailored to your unique circumstances.

Columbus Ohio “Flat-Fee Dissolution of Marriage” Services

At Winkler Legal Services, LLC we offer affordable flat-fee Dissolution of Marriage services that include a thorough one-on-one consultation with Attorney Dirken D. Winkler to discuss your particular circumstances, preparation and filing of all necessary documents with the Court, and payment of all court costs.  As part of your flat-fee Winkler Legal Services, LLC also includes a private judge hearing at our office, scheduled at a time that is convenient for you.  Usually, a Dissolution of Marriage can be finalized in less than two months – and sometimes even sooner.

Winkler Legal Services, LLC is your Columbus, Ohio, Flat-Fee Dissolution of Marriage law firm.

Negotiated Dissolutions

If you and your spouse have not agreed on the final terms and conditions, Winkler Legal Services, LLC can represent you in negotiating the terms and conditions of dissolving your marriage. There are a myriad of issues involved in ending a marriage, so it is important to have the advice of sound legal counsel on your side.

When negotiating a dissolution of marriage you and your spouse will exchange financial information, and other pertinent documentation, so that each of you will have all of the relevant information during the negotiating process. Once an agreement is reached the necessary documents are prepared, signed and filed with the court. A final hearing will be scheduled seven to eight weeks-out on the same day your dissolution documents are filed with Court.

When ending your marriage by dissolution, you must address some basic issues, including the following:

  • Allocating Marital Assets
  • Payments of Marital Debts
  • Use of Marital Assets
  • Spousal Support
  • Child Custody
  • Parenting Time
  • Child Support