Living Will

What is a living will declaration?

A living will is a legal document you can use to express your wishes about the use of life-sustaining treatment if you should become terminally ill or permanently unconscious. A living will becomes effective once you are unable to communicate your wishes regarding your care, and specifies, among other things, whether you want artificial feeding or fluids to be withheld and whether you want life’s sustaining support to be withheld under certain circumstances. It is very important at Winkler & Rovito, LLC that you understand, and think through your health care decisions carefully.

A living will expresses your wishes as it relates to life sustaining care, and does not affect the medical decisions to ease or reduce your pain. If you decide not to prolong your terminal illness by artificial means, you may make such directives known in your living will. However, whether your illness is terminal and permanent will be decided by your treating physician and one other physician. The degree and level of care to prolong your life is in your control. Taking control of future medical treatment through a Living Will not only ensures that your wishes are known and carried out, you are also relieving your loved ones from having to make these decisions without your input.

Health Care Power of Attorney

What is a health care power of attorney?

A health care power of attorney is a legal document that names an individual (called an “attorney in fact”) that you trust to make health care decisions on your behalf should you ever become unable to for yourself. A health care power of attorney covers not just life-sustaining treatment, but all aspects of medical treatment whenever you are unable to express your wishes. You may designate a non-family member to serve as your health care power of attorney, so long as the person is an adult and is not your doctor or healthcare administrator. A health care power of attorney does not confer on the “attorney in fact” the ability to make financial decisions on your behalf. A General or Limited Durable Power of Attorney would need to be created for financial purposes.

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