Types of Long-Term Care Planning

Types of Long-Term Care Planning

Types of Long-Term Care Planning

As a law firm dedicated to legal issues facing elder Ohioans, we offer two types of long-term care planning; preplanning and crisis planning.


Preplanning must occur at least five years before needing long-term nursing or assisted living care.  Preplanning provides the best opportunity to protect your assets from the high costs of long-term nursing care. Preplanning allows you to protect most, if not all, of your assets.  By planning ahead, you will qualify for Ohio Medicaid assistance immediately without having to spend-down all of your hard-earned assets

Crisis planning

This type of planning occurs after you or a loved one has been admitted into a nursing home or assisted living facility.  In crisis planning, we can still protect a substantial amount of your assets, but options are more limited due to the immediacy of needed long-term care. If you or a loved one has recently been admitted to a nursing home or assisted living facility – call us.  You do not have to spend-down all of your assets to receive needed long-term nursing care or assisted living services.    

One thing is certain – if you fail to plan you will have to spend-down all but $2,000 of your assets to qualify for Ohio Medicaid assistance. This does not have to happen.  If you are married or have dependents, planning ahead can protect your loved one’s financial future while providing financial security for your family.

There is no reason to spend-down all your assets to qualify for Ohio Medicaid assistance. Whether planning ahead or crisis planning, there are viable options available to protect thousands of dollars in assets.  

Call Winkler Legal before you start spending down your hard-earned resources.

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With knowledge and foresight, we assist our clients in being involved and informed in their unique decision-making process. We offer a wealth of information including videos, detailed blog postings on hot topics, informational articles, and comprehensive seminars to educate our clients. If you have any questions, we offer free consultations to discuss your personal needs. 

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