Unmarried Parents

Unmarried Parents

Unmarried Parents

In Ohio, when a child is born to unmarried parents, the mother is deemed the sole legal custodian of the child. This means that the father will need to establish paternity of the child (e.g. through genetic testing or parentage affidavit) before establishing parental rights at Court. Unless and until a father establishes his parenting rights at court he has no legal right to make decisions affecting the child.

Putative Father Registry

If you believe you may be the father of a child you should register with the Ohio Putative Father Registry within thirty (30) days of the child’s birth.  You may register online by visiting  the Ohio Putative Father Registry website and following the prompts. 

Ohio law requires all parents to financially support their children, regardless of whether there is a court order establishing parental rights, child custody, and child support. When representing unwed mothers and fathers, I seek to understand the relationship of the parents with one another to help determine the child’s best interests.

It is very important to protect a parent’s respective rights while also addressing the child’s best interests. 

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